I write words on paper sing songs in the air and paint on the canvas of my soul
  • The Universe in your Veins #13 By: MICHÆL T. COE

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  • 3-am-feels asked : I honestly love your blog

    Thank you so much, I am glad you can connect with my work :)

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  • imaginewolveshere asked : I liked here. It's beautiful

    Thank you!

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  • All we are is love

    Մեզ շատ է սիրում

    كل نحن هو الحب
    Alt, hvad vi er, er kærligheden

    Všechny jsme je láska

    Lahat tayo ay pag-ibig

    Tout ce que nous sommes , c'est l'amour

    Alles, was wir sind , ist Liebe

    हम सब प्रेम है

    אנחנו בסך הכל הוא אהבה

    Semua kita adalah kasih


    우리가 모두가 사랑

    همه ما عشق است

    Tudo o que somos é o amor

    Allt vi är, är kärleken

    Tất cả chúng ta là tình yêu

    Все мы это любовь

    Yr unig beth rydym yn ei gariad

    All we are is love
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  • The 21st Century Decline #71 By: MICHÆL T. COE We will all live in glass boxes…

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  • jamaislaterre asked : I love your 'bio' I guess you could call it. I don't remember what it actually called. Haha. (:

    I think that is what it’s called & thank you :)

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  • meinthislifetime asked : has Love become a trending superficial thing to share??? :'(

    I hope not but it is starting to seem that way…

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  • The Universe in your Veins #12 By: MICHÆL T. COE I am constantly inspired by all of you, and by all the beautiful souls I have meet from social media. I know I often preach the downfall of society & technologies role in this decent, but I also see the good in this world wide connection we are all on. I just wanted to tell you that you are perfect the secret of life is merely figuring that out. Love others & love yourself have a great weekend & thanks to everyone for all the support it means the world to me.

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  • The 21st Century Decline #70 By: MICHÆL T. COE

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  • ragazzo-senza-nome asked : hi michael, i read some pages of your work and wow, i love it! you're writing is really something

    Thank you for spending your time to read my work!

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